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Compounding Time - How Coaching Helps You Reach Your Goals Faster

Amanda Sollman

Compounding Time: How Coaching Helps You Reach Your Goals Faster

Recently, Mark and I were doing a coaching session with one of our Millennial Mastermind participants. This was the client's second time through coaching – a year or so prior, he had gone through a program sponsored by his company. He'd since changed jobs, though, and knew he needed that added layer of accountability to get himself back in a thriving mindset. So, this time around, training and coaching was all about improving himself - making his business thrive, being a better husband and father, and learning how to balance the demands of work, home and community.

It was time to level up.

During our last coaching session, Mark asked him, "What's different about going through coaching this time vs. last time?"

The answer was clear: he was able to move forward faster.

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The More You Learn, The Faster You Grow

The first time you go through a training and/or coaching program, it can be like trying to drink out of a firehose. You're learning a ton of new concepts, getting more in-tune with yourself than you probably ever have before, and then you're trying to make progress on your goals – all at the same time.

It can be a little bit overwhelming.

But time and time again, we see that overwhelm fade over time and change starts coming faster. You go from drinking out of a firehose to switching to a garden hose to filling your glass from the sink. As you get comfortable with the concepts we teach, take advantage of the suggestions and advice, and commit to putting in the work, it gets easier to shift out of that survival mindset on a day-to-day – and, sometimes, even minute-to-minute – basis. You're quicker on the draw when it comes to recognizing triggers, shifting your mindset and making progress.

That reduction in the time it takes to grow and adjust is what we refer to as "compounding time" – and it's how coaching helps you reach your goals faster.

The role of coaching

When I think about compounding time, I like to think of a competitive athlete – take your pick of sport. In the beginning, it can be slow-going. You're trying to learn the fundamentals. You're trying to remember where you're supposed to be and when. But, as you become more advanced, it doesn't take as long to learn a new skill or scheme or play. As your level of knowledge increases, the speed with which you can improve does as well.

But, think about what it would be like if you were trying to advance in that sport without a coach. How much longer would it take for you to figure out those skills or plays? Would you be able to do it at all? Would you have the information or the ability to do it for yourself? Maybe – but probably not.

It's the same with personal development and coaching.

Five years ago, Mark was trying to create a business by himself - and, he's quick to admit, it wasn't going anywhere very quickly. So, in a moment of unbridled desire to succeed, he bit the bullet and got himself a coach. In a coaching program, he got:

  • Perspective and different ways of thinking about challenges.
  • Accountability to make sure he was actually doing what he said he would.
  • Encouragement to keep going when things were tough (or when there were successes to capitalize on).
  • A community of like-minded individuals who also wanted to improve their lives, and could provide peer support and accountability.

Because of coaching, this business looks nothing like what it did five years ago – or, heck, even one year ago! We're able to accomplish things in one month that never could have happened in an entire year back then.

These types of resources are available to you, as well.

Just think about the coaching client I mentioned earlier. Because he had a foundational level of knowledge from his first time doing coaching with us, he was able to catch up on concepts more quickly and, instead of spending a ton of time figuring out where they fit, was able to jump right into action. Over 12 weeks, not only was he able to work on himself, but he was able to grow as a coach to his customers, a partner to his wife and a more valued part of his community – by compounding time, he was able to help others thrive too.

Ready to start? We can help.

So, how can you start compounding time and make progress on those goals that have been sitting on the back burner for far too long? Well, first things first:

You must make a decision to want something different than the survival mode you're in.

If you don't want to make a change and if you aren't committed to that process, no amount of support will make a difference. But if you're ready to get started, we're here to help.

Many of you are familiar with our training+coaching programs, like:

And, now, we're proud to introduce two brand-new coaching programs!

Thrive Today Ascension is an ongoing coaching program that's perfect for those who want to 1) try out coaching for the first time, or 2) have been through one of our training+coaching programs and want to keep getting the benefits of weekly coaching and peer support. You can learn more over here.

Executive Coaching is a next-level experience for leaders. This program will only be open to four people each year and includes 36 one-on-one coaching sessions with Mark over the course of twelve months. If you're really ready to take it up a notch, shoot Mark an email for details.

If you're someone who can push themselves to succeed without additional support – awesome! But, if you're like many of us, you need some extra tools in your toolbox. The programs above will help you get there.

So what are you waiting for?

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