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I'm calling Bulls***!

Jon Anderson

I'm Calling Bullshit - Blog Image

"If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse." - Ryan Blair

I don’t have time… I can’t because I have kids… I’m so busy as it is… 

That's bullshit.

I’m just too tired when I get home… I will do it later… It can wait…

More bullshit.

Nobody else does, why should I…I’m not smart enough…I don’t have the experience…

Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

What do all these have in common?  They're all excuses that we tell ourselves when we get lazy, complacent or settle.  These are all things that we say when our personal and professional lives get tough. 

And I say, enough is enough!

It’s time to stop blaming everything and everyone else, and start taking accountability. It’s time to stop lying to ourselves and start telling a different story. It’s time to start realizing that our success is a result of us and nobody else.

Sure things happen and people get in our way, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop us from achieving our goals.  It may be a setback, but it doesn’t have to be an end all.  We are the ones that choose to get back up, keep pushing and keep moving forward. 

Failure only happens when you choose to give up! 

We can’t keep telling ourselves a bullshit story every time something gets in our way.  That’s life – things will go wrong. What we tell ourselves, though...that is the difference between success and failure.

Getting back on the horse

I'm not immune from telling myself a bullshit story every now and again. 

Several years ago, I almost lost my leg when a horse I was training fell on top of me in the middle of a ride.  After emergency surgery, the doctor told me that it would be a year before I could get on a horse again and at least a year before I could run – if ever.  The next couple weeks were tough and I got depressed. 

I won’t be able to ride my horse again…

My summer is shot…

I won’t be able to run or play sports ever again…

I won’t be able to go hiking or traveling like my wife and I wanted to do…


It wasn’t until someone called my BS that I realize what I was doing to myself.  I had convinced myself that I had no other option than to sit around and be depressed.  I would just wait to see how my leg turned out and, from there, determine how the rest of my life would be.

But that wasn't good enough.

When I finally realized that I was telling myself a bullshit story, I made a change. I chose a different story.

I was going to prove the doctors wrong, I was going to run again and I would ride my horse. 

I made up my mind and I didn’t let anything stop me (not even an infection that I got 6 weeks after the first surgery).  I decided to do whatever I could to help my body heal itself, because being able to have full use of my leg was important to me. 

So I made sure that I ate healthy. I ate foods that would help my bones heal and strengthen my immune system.  I also started getting off the couch.  I couldn’t walk, but I would cruch around the yard.  I also started going back to the gym to do anything that I could.  I pushed myself in physical therapy and did everything the doctors told me to do. 

After three months of telling myself a story that I was going to ride my horse again, I did. The day after I got my walking boot off, I exchanged it for a pair of cowboy boots and got in the saddle.  Four months after breaking my leg, I ran a 5k and did it without walking or taking a break.

We all tell ourselves a story at some point, blaming our results on external circumstances. Whether we blame it on time, kids, boss, money, family...it’s all bullshit.  Some of the most successful people came from nothing or had something horrible happen to them, but they didn’t give into the negativity. They told themselves a different story – one that they created, one that they believed.

So, what's the point of the bullshit story...when everything on the other side is so much better?

Call yourself out on the BS

We’ve all heard the story of Thomas Edison and the lightbulb. He could have given up and created a story of why it couldn’t be done.  Instead, he told himself was that he found 10,000 ways the lightbulb didn’t work. We all know how that turned out – every morning, when we turn the lights on, we are reminded of the story he chose.

What keeps us from succeeding in life and achieving our dreams is not external circumstances – it’s the story in our heads.  It's the bullshit we allow ourselves to believe that gets in our way of achieving greatness. If there is something that we want bad enough, we will do whatever it takes to get it. And, if not? Well, then we'll let the BS take control and settle for survival.

But why do that, when it's your time to thrive?

So what is it for you? What's the story you're telling yourself?  What have you been repeating so often that you now believe it?

You don’t have the time?

You don’t have the resources?

You don't have the knowledge?

You don’t have the support?

You’ll never be happy?

You’ll never lose the weight?

You don’t deserve it?


You have everything you need to get want you want.  You just need to change your story. Stop giving yourself these bullshit excuses.  It’s time to live a epic life.  It's time to get want you want.  It's time to change your story.  It's time to reject survival and choose to thrive instead.

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