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Just the Beginning – Evaluate Your Goals To keep making progress

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90 days. 5 ways to thrive. 16 carefully crafted goals leading towards impossible dreams.

I have started to climb a mountain, fallen off said mountain and started to climb again. I have faced my greatest opponent (namely myself) and taken down insecurities and mindsets that have plagued me since childhood. I have jumped from a steady stream of 5 star days to a week of barely hitting 3.

And in the midst of all this I have set a new personal best in the productivity department and have learned more about myself in the last 90 days than I have in 25 years. I have a slow and shy confidence that is beginning to unleash itself…

  • Confidence to make a decision that may seem risky, but is best for me
  • Confidence in my worth
  • Confidence in my ability to grow
  • Confidence in my ability to get it wrong and get back up to try again

All of this in 90 days. Some of which were not as “on point” as I had intended. Can you imagine what it would look like if I hit all 5 areas every day? Can you imagine what I could accomplish if I woke up and committed to thriving every day, all day? Consistently taking a step closer toward my goals, growing closer to God, making memories with my loved ones, contributing back to the world and overall becoming the best version of me – the me I was created to be.

I can imagine it. And it looks phenomenal.

So what is my next step? After some reflection on the past 90 days and focusing on what truly held me back on the days I was not performing at my best, I’ve come up with three ways I “ambush” myself (which I intend to hone in on and demolish). Consider taking the time to evaluate your goals and the progress you've made, as well – you might be surprised what you find out.

1. I let fear creep into my decisions.

I know fear is something I have mentioned in a few of the posts throughout this journey. Unfortunately, it’s an ongoing battle. Fear does not let go easily. It may seem to disappear for a while…only to reappear when I least expect it.

Thankfully fear clouds my judgement less often than it did 90 days ago, but it may take another 90 days until it is fully eradicated. And that’s okay. I continue surrounding myself with the fear-fighting wisdom of those who’ve come before me. When I feel myself beginning to falter on a decision due to the fear of failure or rejection, I reach for God, His word and the inspiring stories of those who have faced fear and won.

How many things would we lack today if someone had not been willing to suffer failure over and over and over again to get to the right answer? There would be no amazing feats. No incredible acts of bravery. No life-changing, world-igniting moments.

Lesson: Failure is essential to success. Embrace it. 

2. I need to Stop Blaming Others and Circumstances.

Yes, I admit it. If you would have asked me 90 days ago if I’m someone who blames other people or situations for my circumstances, I would have told you no. However, when asked why I wasn’t pursuing my dreams, I would have cited my job as the main limiting factor. Long hours, manual labor, emotionally exhausting. Looking back this was clearly a clever cover-up for not facing my fears. This story was just much more socially acceptable. Sadly, I was victimizing myself, acting as if I had no control over these circumstances. I could ask for a schedule change. I could inform my bosses of my projects outside of work. If all else fails, I could seek employment elsewhere. And these weren’t my only options.

This was one of the most surprising realizations I had throughout the last few months. While I learned a lot about myself, this was one I truly did not see coming. Admitting it opened up a whole new chapter for me. It was like finding a hidden booby trap you had placed for yourself. And with its discovery, not only did I reveal a bit more of fear’s shady sneakiness – but I also recognized power I hadn’t known I had.

3. I deserve to live the life I was created for.

I deserve that. My creator did not put me here and fill me with dreams and visions of what I could accomplish just so I could sit around and day dream while living half a life, safe but unfulfilled. We are all called to contribute something to this world. It doesn’t have to be big. But there is something in all of us we long to do. Being a teacher, writing a book, raising a family, curing cancer. Whatever it is, I am responsible for chasing it. If I begin the work, He will bring it to completion. I need only to follow Him. No matter how many times I mess up, no matter how often I feel defeated, His grace and love is more than sufficient. With that in mind, what do I fear? Nothing.

I am 90 days, 16 goals and 3 roadblocks closer to the best version of me. As of today, the goals have been reset and refocused, building on what I have accomplished so far.

Thank you to Mark Jewell Training and Speaking for continuing to inspire and push the next generation and to everyone who has joined me in these first 90 days! The struggle has been real, but so have been the rewards. The journey is far from over ­­–­ so let the adventure continue!

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ShearsHeadshot-300x200.jpegBrittany Shears is a millennial on a mission to find “the best version of me”. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a dual degree in Animal Science and Agribusiness. By trade, she is in training to manage a sow unit in rural Ohio. Outside of work, she is active in her church and plans to be a minister, owns two horses and is an avid reader. It is her combined passion for agriculture and her faith, coupled with her supportive family and friends, which have inspired her from a young age. Brittany’s primary goal is to find an occupation that will allow her to showcase these two passions and incorporate them in her professional life. On her journey from dream to reality, she continues to gain invaluable experience and learn life lessons that propel her forward.

Follow along on the MJST blog as Brittany shares more about her journey from surviving to thriving over the next few months. Make sure to check out her previous posts:

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