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Why Non-Scale Victories are Crucial to Success

Christina Schroeder


It can be very tempting to correlate success from your health and wellness journey to the weight you see on the scale (whether your goal involves gaining or losing weight). However, it’s very common to experience a weight loss or gain plateau along the way, which makes it really important to create other measures of success to truly see how far you’ve come from the work you’re putting in.

One of the biggest recommendations I can give you is take photos. The scale doesn’t recognize body re-composition – it only recognizes weight. Photos can help highlight the physical changes you may overlook. Increased muscle mass, for example, means increased metabolism and the potential for decreasing body fat – even while you maintain weight.

Below are other ways to identify success that aren’t related to the scale:

  • Pick a specific piece of clothing to test the fit on
  • Confidence in showing off arms or legs
  • Wedding rings fitting again
  • Increased running speed or distance
  • Increased strength in lifting
  • Ability to do new activities
  • Better sleep quality
  • Return of sex drive
  • Reduction or elimination of medication

Seeing a weight plateau can trigger frustration and the desire to give up. So, while the scale can be a great data point, it should never be the sole criteria for success from all of the hard work you’re putting in.

Overall health is tied to a healthy mindset and healthy body – weight isn’t the only factor to take in to consideration, so keep an eye on how much power you’re giving the scale and look for other ways to gauge progress.


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In addition to her work as an MJST Success Coach, Christina Schroeder has been actively coaching in the fitness and wellness community for 7 years. Her certifications include: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, Stages Cycling, and Precision Nutrition Level 1. She'll also be beginning her Precision Level 2 certification training in the near future. She is based out of Omaha working for Mark Jewell Speaking & Training and Nerve Health and Fitness.

Note: Please work with your physician or other qualified health professional when addressing your unique fitness, nutritional and health needs. Have questions? Check out the fine print here. 


Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

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