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Remember What You're Fighting For

Amanda Sollman

Remember What You're Fighting For

The last few weeks have not been easy for our team. Between back-to-back (to-back) trainings and travel that's limited family time, a full coaching schedule, writing and submitting multiple proposals for new business, delivering end-of-coaching client reports and more, it almost feels like the flood gates have opened with us standing right in front of the doors.

In these moments, it's incredibly easy to get stressed out, broken down and frustrated. Admittedly, a few of us have even mentioned the thought of "reaching our breaking point." But even when it feels like we're swimming upstream against a current of "more stuff", we remind ourselves of one big idea:

Remember what you're fighting for.


Chances are you've hit what seems to be your breaking point more times than you can count. Just when you feel like you're making progress, you run up against one more (seemingly unnecessary and definitely not asked for) challenge. You're overwhelmed. You focus on putting out the fires right in front of you. You lose sight of the forest in order to deal with the tree that's about to fall over.

But what if all these challenges are exactly what you need in order to experience success?

Frankly, our team needs to experience and learn how to manage a larger than normal workload. It's what drives us to find the important stuff, deliver better and better service to our clients and understand what is needed to operate at the next level. The Universe has given us exactly what we've needed in order to be the best we can be – and that's exciting!

What is the "extra" stuff the Universe has sent your way? How is it forcing you to grow, learn and expand your abilities in order to get to your version of success? Every experience – good or bad – is a lesson.

Are you listening?


In the midst of the craziness, there is one other key question to ask yourself – Am I focusing on the 20% of activities that are giving me 80% of the results?

One of the things we're learning in this flood of work is the need to focus. We've cancelled or rescheduled trainings that didn't have the sign-ups that make it worth the cost. We've walked away from personal activities that take away from time with our families. We're spending time reading and meditating to make sure we have the brainpower to execute. We're looking at how to laser-focus our efforts to get the greatest number of results. We're going back to basics in order to deliver elite client service to make sure everyone we work with has the support they need to go from surviving to thriving.

When your to-do list keeps growing and you're just trying to doggy paddle your way to keeping your head above water, that is a sign of sliding back to Survival mode. And it's exactly the time to get rid of what's not serving you to focus on what is. 

Remember what you're fighting for. And streamline your efforts toward the things that will get you there.


Climbing the mountain to your goals won't always be easy, and you may slide backwards every now and again. But when it feels like the peak is getting farther and farther away, don't forget:

  • Remember what you're fighting for
  • The Universe gives you what you need
  • Focus on the 20%

Because the view from the top will be amazing.

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