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What Makes a Good Accountability Partner?

Amanda Sollman

Some of us are really good at pushing ourselves to new heights, working through challenges and reaching our goals. Some of us...

...not so much.

There's no question that I fall into the second bucket for a lot of things (hello, going to the gym) and I'm sure I'm not alone. I know that, for certain goals, I really need to have an accountability buddy there to support me along the way.

So then the question becomes: what makes a good accountability partner?

For this question, I crowdsourced the MJST coaching team for their accountability partner criteria and here's what they said:

Mark: I'm looking for someone who will provide bust-your-chops accountability and not let me live it down if I don't follow through on my commitments! I also think there is a part of it that says the "partner" is someone that you have a deep mutual respect for. The other part is that they reflect back to you the continuously improving next best version of you and hold you to your highest standard.

Christina: Someone who cares and relates to my why for what I'm doing. They don't have to understand completely, but they know when and how to push boundaries when needed and support with love when needed.

Jon: I think we all have our version of what a good accountability partner looks like. I believe there are times that we need the partner to call our BS, and sometimes we just need someone that supports and believes in us.

Staci: My type of accountability partner depends on the activity. If I'm looking for a spiritual partner to grow my faith, I want connection, understanding and peace in interactions. For workouts, I need someone who reminds me to get my butt moving and what I'm working toward. Incentives (money or prize) work at times too!

Wade: Someone you respect and don't want to let down.

John: I need someone who continually helps you see a better version of you until you can see it yourself. Also someone who doesn't let my BS excuses go unchecked!

As you can see, accountability buddies aren't just one thing. Sometimes they're your MJST coach, giving you perspective, feedback and advice – while also reminding you of what you're capable of. Sometimes you need someone to kick your butt when you can't do it yourself. And other times still, you need someone who will be there with a supportive word or hug when you're not sure you can keep going. The important part is – whoever you choose – they help you get where you're going!

What is your ideal accountability buddy? Do your criteria vary by activity or goal? Share in the comments!


Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


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